GBA Blockchain Week Virtual Summit

                 March 30th                 

– Greater Bay Area: Overview of Blockchain Development in Administrative Regions

– Smart Regulation: Regulatory Framework for DLT-based Projects

– DCEP Prospects: Hong Kong and GBA as Test Ground for Deploying Digital Yuan

– The Next Generation of Public Blockchain Networks

– Banks and FIs Accelerating Mass Adoption of Digital Assets

– DeFi after ETH 2.0 – what’s next?

– Blockchain For Enterprise: Use Cases in GBA (and beyond)

– Smart Finance: Virtual Banking and NEO banking, Present and Future

– Smart Cities: New Challenges for Urban Powerhouses

– Building fintech and tech bridges from GBA to: Singapore, Africa, Switzerland

                 March 31st                 

– CBDCs: International Experience and Macroeconomics

– Hong Kong and its pivotal role in GBA: Blockchain, Regulatory and Financial Powerhouse

– POST-COVID: How Blockchain Landscape Changed after 2020

– Fintech: What’s New for Banks and Mobile Payments

– Shenzhen: China’s Silicon Valley

– The Power of Youth: Education and Practice in Blockchain for Young People

– Smart Tech: Blockchain, AI, IoT

– Trade Finance: International experience and Prospects

– Stable Coins: Has Anyone Found Balance Yet?

– Macro Trends for Blockchain in Asia

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