Maria Vovchok

@ Event and Investor Relations Manager, Startup.Network

Maria Vovchok: Event and Investor Relations Manager at Startup. Network | Conference Moderator at Geekle. Us | Ambassador of the Ukrainian Blockchain Association.

Maria Vovchok is a journalist who’s passionate about Blockchain technology. She has seven years of experience as a news presenter and a journalist. Maria has been in a crypto space for more than three years now, working as a news editor and an anchor in several crypto media. Currently, she is responsible for building relations between investors and startup entrepreneurs. Maria was recently selected as an Event and Investor Relations Manager at Startup.Network (a professional network for the venture market participants), and a Conference Moderator at (a company which organizes online IT-conferences all around the world.) She is a moderator and a host at multiple Blockchain conferences. Maria is an ambassador of the Ukrainian Blockchain Association, she’s also a member of an international organization ”Blockchain Ladies” and ”Women on Tech”.